Impairments and Illinois Lakes

Here in Illinois we are not always blessed with much of the same resources as other states.  Locating a defined  directory of the condition of Illinois Lakes for example can be difficult.  Unless you can navigate EPA’s cumbersome website, and then decode the method of which the data is cataloged, coming up with lake management strategies based on EPA recommendations can be tedious work.

The reason it can be so tedious is simply the way it is recorded.  Quite simply the EPA documents water bodies as impaired or “not-impaired”.  There is a genuine possibility that if the water is primarily located in a developed watershed the condition of the water body will be impaired.  This is simply just the result of years of watershed abuse.  All things aside, understanding impairment and the many things that go with it can be a little confusing, so we provided an excellent video in the Media Center provided by Lake County Health Department – Lakes Management Unit Director Mike Adam.  The presentation was developed for the Greater Pistakee Lake Watershed Partnership (GPLWP) meeting at Volo Bog (6/20/16), but a great majority of the material applies to impairment concepts in general.  We would like to thank Mike and the Lake County Health Department (LCHD) for their ongoing participation and support in these initiatives.

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