Upcoming Lakes & Watershed Venues

Although the weather outside might be telling us something different, we are approaching prime time for conferences and seminars.  The Illinois Lakes Management Association (ILMA) annual conference will be held this year in Crystal Lake (https://ilma-lakes.org/conference).  The conference runs from the 14th-16th at the Crystal Lake Holiday Inn.  Those interested can register online via the link above.  This Blog (IllinoisLakes Blog) is directly sponsored by ILMA, stay tuned for additional updates such as presenters and conference breakdown.

The Fox River Summit will once again be held at Veterans Terrace at Echo Park in Burlington, WI on March 22nd (http://foxriverecosystem.org/summit.htm).  The summit is an excellent one-day endeavor for all things related to the Fox River starting in southern Wisconsin down through northern Illinois prior to its confluence with the Illinois River.  The program always includes a variety of speakers from both states with the common theme of collaboration for the betterment of the entire watershed.

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