Contributor & Editor-In-Chief
Brian Valleskey, CFM, CLP
Senior Scientist
Geosyntec Consultants
Bio:  As a long time ILMA advocate, Brian has worked on numerous agendas to gain exposure for the State of Illinois’ charter lake advocacy association.  Brian is on his second stint on the ILMA Board of Directors, was awarded the Dick Hilton Watershed Award in 2017 for his collaborative efforts within the 9 Lakes Watershed Initiative and Greater Pistakee Watershed Partnership.  A long time goal of his has been to return to his native roots in WI where is now working to collaborated with local lake districts, the Southeast Fox River Partnership (SEFRP), the Southeast Fox River Commission (SEFRC) and Wisconsin Association of Lakes (WAL).
Brian’s focus continues to lakes management and watershed planning even after coming over to Geosyntec.  Demonstrating to lake communities, HOA’s, lake districts, Villages, agencies, etc. that water and natural resources protection can be rewarding as well as simplified with the proper approaches.  Brian’s expertise in the permitting pathways help clients realize projects previously thought to be unachievable due to cost and scope.